COVID 19 General Information

During this difficult time of  Covid 19, Callan Medical Centre is still open to see patients for your routine needs such as  blood tests, childhood vaccinations, ante natal visits, or routine check ups.  During times of high Covid numbers in the community, we will try to reduce the flow of people to our practice, and will offer telephone consultations when it is practical to do so.  

The HSE Website currently has some very useful information about Covid 19 Vaccines.   This may help answer any queries or concerns that you may have.  

It is very important that you look after your general health at this time.   Callan Medical Centre is here to help with your health issues, either your ongoing medical issues, or any new medical problems that arise.  

If you are showing ANY new respiratory symptoms, eg a cough, high temperatures, sore throats, runny nose, please telephone the surgery on 056-7725237.   A doctor will speak with you over the phone and will assess your illness.  

For detailed daily updates and information about Covid 19 please visit the HSE Information Website: HSE Covid

If you are in a high risk category: aged 65+ or have any underlying health conditions, please be aware that the CALLAN SUPPORT GROUP are there to help you with issues such as : shopping collection, prescription collection, or any other vital items you may require during the Covid 19 Crisis.   Facebook: or Callan People’s Council. Contact: Claire Somers (0872737075), Matt Doran (087) 2470458, Bosco Bryan (0862894827).   Email: callancouncil

Please see the attached  information sheet which will has a lot of helpful hints on how to self isolate.  Lots of hints here on how to self isolate within a shared household environment.  Covid 19:  Self-isolation